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Stepper motor contain three elements: step angle (involves phase) , static torque, current Once the three factors are determined, the model of the stepper motor is also determined.
1)(Choosing the Step Angle)
The step angle of motor depends on the requirement of load accuracy, the load of the minimum resolution (equivalent) conversion to the motor shaft, each motor should take the number of equivalent angle (including deceleration). The step angle of Motor should be equal to or less than this angle. Currently ,there are 0.36 ° / 0.72 ° (five-phase motor), 0.9 degrees / 1.8 degrees (two, four-phase motor), 1.5 degrees / 3 degrees (three-phase motor) and so on in the market.
2)(Choosing the holding torque)
The dynamic torque of stepper motor is difficult to determine at once, we tend to determine the motor's holding torque firstly. Choosing holding torque on the basis of motor’s load, and the inertia load can be divided inertial load and frictional loads. Single inertial load and a single load of friction does not exist. Direct starting (generally low speed), the two kinds of loads are to be considered, the main consideration when starting to accelerate the inertial load, constant speed running into consideration as long as the frictional load. In general, the holding torque should be  better within 2-3 times of frictional load, Once the holding torque is determined, the frame & length of motor can be finalized (geometry).
3)(Choosing the Current)
Though the holding torque is same of tow motors, due to the current is different, their operating characteristics will have a big difference. And the current can be based on torque-frequency characteristic curve (refer to drive power, and the drive voltage)
4)(Connecting of wires)
A+---- BLK
A- ---- GRN
B+---- RED
B- ---- BLU

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