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Stepper motor used in low-speed situations --- rpm less than 1000 rpm, (0.9 degrees 6666PPS), preferably 1000-3000PPS (0.9 degrees) between the use of devices by slowing its work here, so the motor will work in high efficiency and low noise.
Stepper motor is best not to use by the full step, because it will make bigger vibration.Due to historical reasons, only 12V motors use 12V’s driver, other motor voltage is not a drive voltage v values, according to choosing drive voltage (recommendation: 57BYG using 24-36V,86BYG using 50V, 110BYG using above 80V), and, of course, in addition to the 12 volts 12V voltage driven away by other driving power, but to take into account the temperature rise.
If you want to choose larger inertia load, you should use the motor with larger frame.
When motor used in the higher speed or large inertia loads, generally starting don’t at the pace of work, but by increasing frequency and speed in order to avoid losing steps and reducing the noise while the second stop of the positioning accuracy can be improved.
Precision, you can slow down through the machine to improve motor speed, or use higher subdivision driver to solve.

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